SuperSigma DMC inverters

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Voltage 24V - 96V
Rated current (1 hour) 74Arms - 400Arms
Peak current (2 min) 140Arms - 600Arms
Cooling  Air
Technology 100% on Mosfet technology
Degree of protection IP65
Producer DMC 


For further values, please refer to the product data sheet:
User manual Inverter List

The inverters of the DMC Supersigma family can be used with both traction motors and pump motors. These inverters are characterized by high inrush currents in a very wide voltage range. We can offer both the isolated and non-isolated CAN version and all the inverters have the autotuning function, which allows them to be easily coupled with permanent magnet electric motors (PMS or IPM).

Main characteristics:

✓ 24V - 120V Operation
✓ 100% on Mosfet technology
✓ IMS power PCB for superb thermal conduction
✓ Cooled power terminals
✓ IP65 environmental protection
✓ Powerful, State of the art 32 bit microprocessor control
✓ High frequency 16kHz (Silent Operation)

✓ Internal watchdog monitoring microprocessor operation
✓ Arc less contactor switching and built in coil suppression
✓ Low impedance, active low inputs switched to B-
✓ Thermally compensated current limit
✓ Selectable accelerator characteristics
✓Adjustable creep speed
✓ Seat switch timers
✓ Power steer timer
✓ Electro-mechanical brake timer
✓ Walkie vehicle with belly switch operation support
✓ Regenerative braking
✓ Under- and Over-voltage protection
✓ Accelerator wire off detection
✓ Inching facilities
✓ Short circuit and open circuit contactor detect
✓ 3 traction cutback speeds
✓ 3 drive styles selectable
✓ Independent power steer speed and compensation settings
✓ Hardware and Software fail-safe systems
✓ +12V or +5V selectable output pin supply
✓ Diagnostics with LED indications
✓Remote diagnostic LEDs
✓ Adjustments made via a calibrator or PC programmer
✓CAN Open compatible
✓ Hours count displaying key & giving power to the motor hours on calibrator
✓ BDI on Calibrator
✓ Dashboard displays connectable
✓Resettable Service and Fault logs
✓ Setup menu on calibrator to enable various options
✓ Dual motor options, with and without steering position feedback, Speed ​​and torque mode.
✓ Synchronous motor 6-phase motor driving
✓ Shared Line Contactor feature
✓ Control Via CAN
✓ Battery current limitation static and via can
✓ Advanced full motor autotuning
✓ Optional resolvers
✓ Flexible thermal sensor type configuration (KTY, PT1000 or adjustable R/T curve)

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