Curtis Dual Drive AC F2 48V 240A Inverter

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AC F2-D-48-240-151

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The Curtis AC F2-D model provides a four wheel drive version without DC pump control. The model uses a dual high performance ARM Cortex microprocessor to ensure the highest possible levels of functional safety, whilst providing highly efficient motor control and flexible system control capabilities.
The AC F2-D is perfectly suited for electrically powered aerial work platforms and mobile lifting work platforms such as scissor lift platforms, vertical mast lift platforms and knuckle boom lift platforms. It is also suitable for other electric 4 wheel drive applications such as 3 wheel counterbalance forklift trucks. The AC F2-D model allows vehicle designers to fully define and control the detailed dynamic performance of the electric drive and hydraulic systems and also providing full CAN line management. All I/O pins are multifunctional and can be configured
provide up to:

  • 3 digital inputs
  • 9 analog inputs
  • 8 output drivers
  • 2 engine temperature sensors
  • 2 quadrature encoder inputs
  • 2 sine/cosine position inputs
  • +5V and +12V external power supply (200mA)

nominal input voltage 48V
Voltage Range 24V - 63V
Maximum Current [S2-2min]: 2x 240Arms
Maximum Current: [S2-60min]: 2x 94Arms
PWM Frequency 10kHz nominal (adjustable)
Maximum Controller Output Frequency 599Hz
Electrical Isolation to Heatsink 500Vac
Storage Ambient Temperature –40°C to 95°C
Operating Ambient Temperature –40°C to 50°C
Thermal Cutback Controller linearly reduces maximum current limit with an internal heat sink temperature from 85°C (185°F) to 95°C (203°F); complete cutoff occurs above 95°C (203°F) and below –40°C (–40°F)
Design Life 20,000 hours
Package Environmental Rating IP65 and IP67
Weight 1.9Kg
Dimensions W x L x H 180mm x 140mm x 75mm
EMC extension Designed to the requirements of EN 12895:2015
Safety Designed to the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1:2015
ul UL583 Pending
CAN Configurable 11 or 29 bit protocol support for CANopen (fully compliant DS301) or J1939

Software and inverter parameter setting not included.

For further values, please refer to the product data sheet:

Data sheet

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