Axle bridge TX1 1.2kW 24V

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Asynchronous motor + EM Brake

Motor type Induction motor
Manufacturer Benevelli Ltd
Rated power (S2-60min) 1,200W
Supply voltage
Rated speed (S2-60min) 2450rpm
Number of poles 4 poles
Peak torque (S2-5min) 13.5Nm
Cooling kind Air
IP rating IP54
Flange type Standard "BMW" - 4 bolts
Integrated with Electric Parking Brake EMB


To define the configuration of your axle you will need to provide us:

Reduction Ratio 6 - 10 - 12 - 16 - 19 - 22* - 24* - 28* - 32*
Track Width (A) 360 - 1110mm**
Center distance of the fixing points (B) 400 - 1150mm**

*these reduction ratios, having an extra gear, provide for a surcharge
**measurement in the range indicated, at intervals of no less than 10mm

For further values, please refer to the technical data sheets:

Engine Technical Sheet Technical product sheet

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